By Veronica

Les Auzines

You may remember that when we went to Uzès a couple of weeks ago, we discovered an unusual wine that turned out to be made just down the road from us. When I got back I contacted the winemaker and arranged to pick up a case from the domaine -- although they don't actually live there, so it's not open for visits normally. What a beautiful spot; it's only about 3 km from the very touristy village of Lagrasse, but it's up a very steep set of hairpin bends through the garrigue. You come out at 350 m above sea level, and the house is set on a terrace with fabulous views across the Corbières. It's been immaculately restored, so it seems a shame it's not lived in.

Before going out I was involved in a bit of a contre-temps as I had to break up a catfight between Mystère and the neighbours' new cat. And when I say break up, they were going at it hammer and tongs, fur flying everywhere -- and most of it ginger :(. I actually had to wade in and grab Mystère to stop them, so some of the copious blood spilt was mine. My wounds were relatively superficial; I have liberally slathered Mystère's with Betadine in the hope of avoiding a visit to the vet. It's a bit embarrassing having a cat who attacks other cats on sight. He was raging when I brought him in, but is now confined to barracks feeling very sorry for himself.

Last night's play at the Centre Culturel, Intra Muros, was really excellent; set inside a prison where a visiting theatre director is running an acting workshop. It was absolutely compelling from start to finish; two hours long, never a dull moment, and we felt exhausted at the end. A very satisfying night out, an ode to theatre as therapy and as a means of finding truth through imagination. We are so lucky to have this theatre ten minutes away. Not just the fact that it's there, but that the programming is so adventurous. Director Alexis Michalik is a favourite of Paris theatres. This new play has run five weeks in Paris and he came for one night in our backwater in the Corbières before heading off to La Réunion. Video in French here.

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