Not bleakly, Not meekly. Beat me on the bottom with a Woman's Weekly. Let's do it! Let's do it tonight
The one and only Victoria Wood and I'm gutted:
1. That Victoria is no longer with us and
2. I've deleted all the photos I took today??? Grrrr ..... so I've had to improvise by pinching a photo from Victoria's tribute programme which we watched this evening.....
Not happy but I can remember the lovely day we've had. Breakfast Al Fresco in the sunshine; morning in Stockbridge; afternoon in Romsey with a lot of time spent in the beautiful Abbey (Earl Mountbatten is buried here) and then we spent a couple of hours at Montisfont, a National Trust property near Romsey and a lovely house and gardens it was too.
Lots more places we would have liked to visit around here but we're hitting the road again tomorrow on the last leg of the current TravelswithMatilda up to Whitchurch (Hampshire) staying with Mr T's #2 son and family.

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