Shakespeare400 Challenge

Thought I'd better have a go at my own challenge of creating a front cover or poster for a Shakespeare play of my own choosing to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death tomorrow.

I hope lots of you will have a go tomorrow and tag your entry Shakespeare400.

This is the law court in Birmingham.  I thought it was quite interesting and a possible comment on his the law works sometimes when there are things going to seed all over the building.

"The pound of flesh, which I demand of him,
Is dearly bought: tis mine and I will have it.
If you deny me, fie upon your law!
There is no force in the decrees of Venice.
I stand for judgement: answer; shall I have it?"

The Merchant of Venice,
Antonio by name, 
A bit of a fool, I venture.
Why give away so much money?
Just because the man was young
And attractive...
Why borrow from Shylock?
A well-known Usurer.
Naturally an acquirer of riches.
Ruthless?  Realistic?  Radical?
Just?  Judgemental?  Jew?
A play of two giants, flawed.
A man in love, floundering
A woman of strength, wisdom, daring
A play of prejudice, justice and mercy,
Sadness and joy, revenge.
A play of love, awe and mastery.
The Merchant, from Venice, and his 
compatriot, the Jew.

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