Our Swedish 'nephew' Kalle is part of a modern day Viking expedition, The Draken Harald Hårfagre, the world's largest Viking ship built in modern times will leave Norway next week for Vineland, the New World. Kalle's the advance PR guy. T & I spotted him today at the ceremony on YouTube were they did the unveiling the ship's Dragon Head. We're sooo excited for him and we were so thrilled to see him!

Our rings, modern day Viking replicas and book were given to us close to 20 years ago by Kalle's parents. We both wear them everyday.

Expedition America

For the Record, 
This day came in dark and rainy. Not the best traveling day for Kangazu & Wall making their way home to PA from Cape Cod. Safe travels! T is packing for a short business trip to Texas tomorrow.

All hands healthy

Extra, a screenshot of Kalle at the ceremony unveiling the Dragon Head on the Viking longship, Draken Harold Hårfagre today on YouTube.

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