rain all night long, 
then morning sunshine
brings sparkling waterdrops
on flowers, refreshed

Thank you for all your lovely stars and comments this week :)

I haven't been feeling all that well for the last few days :( Yesterday I began to feel really unwell; so apart from a trip to the chiropractor I have done nothing today except rest (though I've had the heating on all day, I haven't been able to warm up at all :( ).  

I need to be fit for Monday as its going to be a second week when I'm Acting Manager :)

The good news is that my back is much improved, which is great!  I just have to learn how to look after it...

In other news, I have removed not one, but two ticks from Mr Billy today :( :(  One was really obvious in the short fur by his ear, but the other was buried in the thick fur around his neck.  I really hope there aren't many more, though I can cope with removing them, thanks to the special stick the vet gave me (of course he doesn't like it, but we've managed)....

Back to the sofa!

Happy Saturday folks :)

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