Town Rabbit

Into town this lunchtime to meet up with my oldest friend from school. We had a lovely long lunch with lots of catching up. We both parked in the same car park so walked back together still chatting!
It's a lovely car park, in fact I blipped it last summer when we'd joined a large demonstration against it being developed. I noticed all the birds when I'd first parked and so after my friend left I got the camera out and had a stroll to see what I could capture. Well I saw sparrows, chiffchaffs, blackbirds, a mouse and at least four rabbits! This big bunny was sitting in the path for quite a while not bothered at all by the cars and people, certainly a lot tamer than the ones that live round here. It was lovely watching him watching me and seeing his ears twitch every now and then. As usual more on Flickr.

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