Lisa's life...

By lisa24270


Changeable weather,
Four seasons for our Saint George,
But blue sky was found.

An early start to Saturday with my phone beeping at very early o clock. A message from a good friend in Japan so it was very welcome :) The birds were already singing their hearts out so after a couple more hours of dozing I got up expecting a lovely day. It seems I should have got up when I first woke up to get the best of it!  

Got a local walk in between showers and also got a fair bit of sorting done in the kitchen which means I've moved my table in there to make sure it works. It will be replaced with something nicer at some point. 

Stella and I did a series of 3 geocaches in Newmarket which took us to another part we hadn't walked yet so I was pleased to find these lovely trees :) 

And though I'm way behind with photo processing I did do something with a few of the Hunstanton sunset ones from Tuesday evening as they've been my favourites to take in a while. They're now on Flickr:) 

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