Japanese cherry blossom: Royal Botanic Garden

My day started with this text message at 08:32:

'Hi Hazel. Please could you call as soon as poss. Thanks Jack.'

I rang Jack immediately, bracing myself for bad news. The short version of the story is that Jack fell off his bike yesterday, thought he was OK, but woke this morning feeling terrible. He needed someone to take him to A&E because Katharine is in Aberdeen this weekend.

I had some work to do this morning (as ever) so Mr hazelh took on the role of ambulance driver. The pair of them returned from the hospital at lunchtime with the news that Jack is bruised, probably still in shock, and has broken his nose. Jack was given a leaflet which says that he must not be left alone, so until Katharine returns tomorrow he is in our care.

We persuaded Jack to take a short walk in the Botanic Garden this afternoon (hence the blossom blip). He is now lying on our sofa drinking tea, eating chocolate biscuits, and listening to the omnibus edition of The Archers.

Exercise today: a small amount of walking (7,589 steps) Xv.

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