This is blip 1095, yipee , I've been blipping for 3 years :) Not sure where the time has gone but I've really enjoyed being part of Blipfoto and love reading all your blips and seeing your photos. Also great to have taken part in several blipmeets and more planned for the future. Some of you I've just missed meeting so hope that the next time your on the Black Isle we'll get to see wpeach other.
Thanks to the Fab four for all there hard work in keeping blip going, I know I would miss it if it disappeared !
Thank you to everyone who pops by and comments and leaves stars and hearts. Sorry I can't answer your comments but I really do appreciate them all !

A beautiful day today so really pleased that my friends got to see some sunshine :)
Popped down for a cup of tea with Sally and her family earlier. Even though I have nt seen Sally for over 18 months it was as if we had nt been apart and had a good natter and a laugh straight away. Looking forward to spending more time with her later in the week :)
My blip is of Rosemarkie Beach at sunset. It looked stunning and so peaceful !

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