Today I used.... little vocabulary of French.

We visited the island of Martinique and the capital Fort-de-France. We had plans to visit some nice picturesque areas and beaches but the boat we got on to pop us over the bay didn't want to leave, we waited 30 minutes and abandoned ship. At this point the group decided to split up, the majority went to the shops and back on the boat but Claire and I decided to venture into town. It was Sunday so almost everywhere was shut but it was fun walking around some of the run down streets and back alleys. I spotted a nice little walkway which seemed to climb quite steep so we decided to see where it would take us. Not particularly long but very steep and in temperatures in excess of 85 degrees it soon became a sweaty climb, we were rewarded though with great views and a nice little church (See Extras).

After taking in the panorama we headed back towards the shore stopping off at a nice little bar for an Orangina. Some people who have written reviews of this place had said how unfriendly some of the people were and how they would only speak French, I found it to be the opposite and everyone I spoke to was rather pleasant and once I'd used up my French vocabulary (which is slim to say the least) they spoke in perfect English.

Extras are the little church, a pretty tattooed girl, the view from church, a very drunk bongo player and an incredibly gifted beach footballer.

Mr Bo Hingles


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