On my run

The weather was perfect for running this morning, a cool start but it soon warmed up.

I stopped at the local war memorial, now fixed post quake. Stone masons have worked on it since January. I counted 43 names of young men lost in WW1 from the district. That's a huge number of men from a suburb or 2, and maybe some surrounding farm land.

I stopped too, to admire autumns coat of colour, reflected in the Heathcote River. It's a cesspit and if I fell in I'd be checking my tetanus, but it looks lovely on a perfect autumn morning.

I devoted a good chunk of time to the windscreen wiper jets on my car. Poking with a pin helped but only enough for the ones on the right to barely dribble. Bugger.

I studied them under and on top of the bonnet. "How hard can this be? it's not rocket science". Famous last words that have led me into trouble and thwarted my best efforts on more than one occasion.

With the help of youtube I successfully took the jets apart, cleaned them, and put them back together. Of course the newly cleaned right hand side ones worked better than the ones on the left, so I overhauled them too.

An old toothbrush duck taped to a plastic stick thing cleaned all of the tank I could reach. I flushed it with the hose, and realigned the jets so they didn't fire over the top of the car.

Top job. Dad would be proud of me :-)

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