Deluxe domestic

It's that time of the year where Christchurch can sit dark and cold under a nor'west arch of cold. Fortunately it warmed up and while it remained cloudy, a warm breeze left most of my washing heading towards dry.

The deluxe bit?

That's the new replaced washing machine/drier combo. I'm testing it now with the towels that felt marginal.

Other than all the usual Saturday activity, I did some preparation for my first meeting with the support person who will help me tackle EQC over my substandard repair job.

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the so called tradesmen who worked on my house are supposed to be offered the opportunity to put things right.

Am I going to let the clowns who burned and cut my carpet (it had to be replaced), and have dubious eyesight when it comes to plastering and painting back into my home?


Anyway, part of the 'carrot' for starting to tackle this horror project is Thai takeaways for dinner. I'd better order them.

The remaining 'carrot' is a day in the hills on Monday :-)

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