Team of 9 from Erewhon

Today I drove 15-20 minutes to the NZ Ploughing Championships. Part of living surrounded by semi-rural and rural land is to embrace the lifestyle. It's part of why I've shifted here.

So, I'm tractored out, perplexed as to why the NZ Police have a tractor decked out in official police car colours and graphics (I kind of wish it would turn up parked outside my place), still fascinated by steam (there were traction engines ploughing too), and full of respect for Clydesdale horses.

I chatted with the ladies from the Kirwee Bowling Club and supported their fundraiser by buying their sandwiches for my lunch. They were raising money to help fix the quake damaged clubrooms. I didn't ask which quake but I guess it was the original Darfield quake in September 2010.

No one seemed very interested in the guys ploughing on tractors. I know they'll be skilled but the interest was with the traction engines and the horses.

This team of 8 horses is from the high country station Erewhon and were ridden by the station owner Colin Drummond. The horses are Tom, Ceri, Hawky, and Connor in the front row. Lydia, Logan, Murphy, and Ben behind. They were awesome.

Other Clydesdale teams were in 2's or 4's, some with a ride on set up to control the plough, and others with a plough controlled by someone holding it and walking along behind.

It was an enjoyable couple of hours on a perfect autumn day. But I've heard enough country music for a while ;-)

Friends arrived soon after I got home and we nibbled and drank bubbly to celebrate my new home. All in all a very pleasant day that started with a lengthy walk around the surrounding district and ended by making a big pot of broccoli soup.

I have 2 more days off work. I'm feeling pleased with how I'm using them. I'm blending doing with being, settling with exploring, exercise with resting. I've peeled back pressure on these days to give me space and rest, something I haven't had now for 8 months. No one can live like that without breaking. It's been just relentless with something needing doing or completing continuously.

Tomorrow will be more structured because Ray from the Men's Shed is coming to help me sort the garage and get a few other things done. I'll fit in a run too and then make Tuesday lower key. I'm going to love Ray being here :-)

In a few weeks I hope to start adding mountains back in. I miss them but I know the commitment, energy, discipline, and organising even day trips take. I'm not in the space yet and I'll know when I am.

Now to deal with the pot of soup and then I'll watch a mountain related doco online.

Nice :-)

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