I've returned home today and I can feel it's quite an adjustment.

Everything went smoothly and there were no dramas with my extra luggage. Extra luggage means more stuff in my home. That will be interesting as I tend to work on the idea that when something new enters the house, something else leaves.

I've spent the remainder of the afternoon unpacking cases and a cardboard envelope with a couple of bubble wrapped paintings. Everything has traveled fine :-)

It's kind of like Christmas unwrapping stuff only sadder.

I have a bag of things to leave my house and after a year of living here it's time to cull again. But not today.

One thing I did do was to sort through my toolbox. I now have a few of Dad's hand tools and some have replaced mine because they're better quality.

Dad will always be close to me especially when I do something with tools or figuring out how to do something around home better.

Today's gratitude: For those who have looked after me today at both ends of the country, and for Jasper who is pleased to see me :-)

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