Unexpectedly I had all the downlights in my home changed to enclosed LED units. They'll pay for thenselves on my power bill in less than 2 years.

I put the job off while Dad was unwell. My sparky is retired bit still keeps his electrical registration up to date. Today I hoped he would be able to quote the job but he did better than that, he did the job.

The price of LEDs has dropped and it cost me $200 less than it would have in January February this year.

No more heat loss and no more white tailed spiders sneaking from the roof space into my house via the downlights.

I got to be a sparky's apprentice for a few hours :-)

I also sorted a freight option to bring Mum's camphor wood box from where it's stored in Auckland.

Today's gratitude: For Bill the sparky. What a champion. Dad would be so pleased that I've got this done.

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