Mum's repouse artwork

Mum did this for Dad approximately 65 years ago. Dad was a ships engineer based in Hong Kong and he hung it in his cabin. I haven't included the frame in my photo.

Dad had 5 of her repouse artworks on his apartment walls. My sister in law chose one as did Jennie and I. A granddaughter on each side of the family has one too. Remarkably we all wanted different pieces.

They're treasured and priceless in my family.

I'm delighted that one of my cousins has one too. Mum gave one to her sister who in turn has given it to Judy.

Mum was a fabulous aunt and it warms my heart to know that Judy has a piece of her work on her wall.

It took me a while to find the right spot for this but it's sorted now.

Today I've caught up on over a weeks worth of emails. I got artwork hung and caught up with a few other things.

Jasper had his first walk outside on his harness and lead. We'd been testing it out inside for a while. He just had a few minutes with plenty of treats.

It made me smile and Jasper was very interested in discovering a small slice of his territory. But I felt a deep sadness and exhaustion too. That's ok. It won't feel like this forever but it's reality now and that's ok.

Today's gratitude: For dinner tonight with my cousin Michael. He's a fine young man and excellent company. I'll miss him as he starts a new job in Wellington in a couple of weeks.

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