Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

League v Union

Tried to go for a run, legs weren’t having it so thought it best to rest.

Went to the Gnoll this afternoon, the first time in months, to watch Neath R.F.C.  It’s been a dreadful season, our worst ever, and we lost again today.  I’m not sure I know which direction the club is going, I’m considering whether to renew my season ticket.

Seeing the weather today and the state of the pitch, you got to think Rugby League got it right when they switched their game from winter to summer.  They know that fans want to see entertainment, and with pitches which are firm rather than quagmires, the rugby played and the tries scored keep the fans entertained.  I doubt Union will change, but I might as I may no longer go and watch it.


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