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Reward Time

Hi everyone. You may remember that during the crowdfunding campaign there were various rewards offered for certain levels of pledges. You can remind yourself here. Those of you that pledged or donated £50 or more to the crowdfunding effort are entitled to certain rewards. This is a recognition of your significant contribution towards bringing Blipfoto into community ownership.

We do understand that Blipfoto is generally a rather unassuming place and not normally big on shouting praises, so it's appreciated that some of you might be a little reticent around showing off the shiny new badge to which you're entitled. Any one of you who qualifies will have the opportunity to opt out of having a badge, or have a badge that is not specific to the amount donated, should that be what you want. However, it is hoped that most of you will wear your badge with well deserved pride. You really should!

In order to ensure that everyone gets the rewards to which they are entitled, we need to link the email address you used to log in to the crowdfunding site to your Blipfoto identity, which is your user name here. This BlipCentral post is to give you notice that many of you should soon receive an email with a link to a survey where you will be asked a few questions. It should take no more than a minute to complete. This will tell us everything we need to know to map to your blip account, and also give you the opportunity to opt out if that is what you would prefer. 

If you believe you are entitled to a reward, having pledged or donated £50 or more, you should already have received an email from SurveyMonkey. It's quite possible that this will have been got caught by your spam filters so please check carefully. If you are sure that you should have received this email but have not, then do get in touch with us. 

Please note that in the case of benefactors and patrons, who donated £1,000 or more, we will be contacting you individually to clarify how you would prefer your very significant contribution to be acknowledged.

Finally, because it can't really be said often enough, thanks once again for putting your hand in your pocket to help save Blipfoto, and that very much includes all sizes of pocket. We could not have achieved what we have without the accumulation of all your contributions.

And, just to let you know, we're still working through the wealth of membership data that you've given us. As you can imagine, it's quite a job so it will be a little while longer before we can make any firm announcement.

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