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Hello fellow Blippers,

It is Ruth here – MrsCyclops – the researcher who has been working on the Blipfoto membership consultation.

I wanted to let you know that we had a truly fantastic response to our consultation and 1,281 of you completed the survey.  Thank you all so much!

Such a good response means that I have been able to conduct a really thorough analysis of the data, gauging the opinions of different groups within the Blipfoto community such as daily Blippers vs non-daily Blippers, UK-based vs the rest of the world Blippers, and those that feel they have enough disposable income vs those that do not.  It makes a huge difference to be able to do this because it helps us to understand the needs of all different kinds of Blippers better and use truly robust evidence to make decisions about next steps.

To give you a brief snapshot of Blipper opinion:
 -   60% agreed that Blipfoto should have a free trial period.
 -   91% agreed that Blipfoto should retain paid-for memberships.
 -   63% agreed that Blipfoto should have a tiered membership structure.
 -   85% agreed that Blipfoto should offer special features to paid members.
 -   71% agreed that Blipfoto should remain advertising free.
 -   85% agreed that they would personally be prepared to pay a fee to use Blipfoto.

I won’t dwell too much on the models that we showed you in the survey as they were simply there to test out and compare some ideas, but this process has allowed us to identify what is important and what sort of model should please most Blippers.

I have now provided a great big long report to the Directors along with my recommendations based on the data.  They will be using this along with other usage data and their knowledge about the needs and priorities and practicalities of the Community Interest Company to formulate the final membership model.

Watch this space!

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