Where's BikerBear .........

 ............. now?

The answer?  Heading for home (UK) ......

18/18 ...... on the last(ish) move - just a three hour drive to go after I disembark.

This was the view from seat 9F on my United flight (looking slightly backwards) to catch the sunrise reflecting on the engine and part of the wing - and the moon (blurred) above.  
Colours as seen - no enhancement - looks a little like fire!

It's been a fabulous trip - not least the BoBB 2016 in northern mid-Florida - seeing old friends and then staying in some new places.
Roll on BoBB 2017.

Other main highlight for me was ....... THIS ....

For those that joined in with the WBBN quizzy thing places featured in the main photos from 1/18 to 17/18 were:

Knutsford (the Premier Inn)
Sunset over Miami
Naples Florida
Punta Gorda Florida
Marion County Florida (near Ocala)
Sefferdog's Bird Bistro
St Augustine Alligator Park Florida
Lubee Bat Conservancy Area Gainsville Florida
Sweetwater Reserve, Gainesville Florida
Hutchinson Island, Ft Pierce Florida
Miami South Beach
Miami Arts District
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Coral Gables Florida
Miami South Beach (private garden)
Hells Kitchen New York
Times Square New York
Ground Zero New York
........ and today ......... somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean heading towards the west coast of Ireland.

Thank you all so much for every comment, star and heart while I have been on my travels ..... it makes all the photographs much more special.

~ Anni ~

(hopefully Whisper Wednesday tomorrow)

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