Bird of Prey

Some time back I blipped a sparrowhawk in next door's garden, well his mate paid us a visit this afternoon. We suddenly saw him sitting on the fence tucking into something he considered yummy. I'm not sure where his prey is/was but I couldn't see anything in the our garden.

I took lots of photos but they had to be through the kitchen french windows as I didn't want to disturb him.

In other news: dentist this morning followed by coffee at Nero and sandwich lunch then onto the Artshouse for a 'poetry and urban fantasy' event. This evening I went back to see Dr Marek Kukla from the Greenwich Observatory with a fascinating talk and slide show on the universe and how it affects our lives. There were some wonderful photographs from the Hubble Telescope and an insight into the sun, it's beginning, and it's end, and the expanse of space.

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