R.I.P. Squirrel Sam --- Warning, a bit gruesome

This morning Ian, Arvin and I were in the kitchen pottering around when there was a really loud bang and a bit of a sizzle sound. Looking out the kitchen window we saw a big puff of white smoke from a block down toward the lake on Silver Beach. We all wondered what had happened. People were gathering on the street and pointing up to the telephone pole. Then I realized what it must have been. A squirrel just won the "Squirrel Darwin Award" by causing an electric arc on the wires. It managed to blow up a piece of the equipment, the metal and white bits in the photograph. Ian went to investigate and confirmed my suspicions. He suggested I go down to take a photo for Blip and so I did. The folks at the home near the pole had made a small memorial to the squirrel and the telephone equipment. I photographed the scene and then they gently disposed of the squirrel.

Arvin and I took a nice long walk in the park while Ian went for a mountain bike ride with his friend Kelly. When we all returned there was a large truck at the scene of the squirrel suicide fixing the problem. That little squirrel caused quite a big mess on the pole. We had the same problem on the pole in front of our house, and after two similar incidents the electric company put some kind of protector on our pole and it hasn't happened since.

Arvin, Helena and I attended the Whatcom Symphony's concert of Spanish influenced music this afternoon. The highlight was a violin concerto by Astor Piazzola. It was fabulous. After we went out for Thai dinner with our friends Allen and Susan. Very lovely evening.

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