Fun in the Fens

By Jimbofin

Austin 7

Woke up to find an email that I'm expected to spend most of the next few weeks, weekends included, in Germany. I love my job.

At least I got to relax a little today. Lunch with friends at a pub near Hatton Locks and then a spot of National Trusting with visits to the gardens of both Packwood House and Baddersley Clinton.

I took quite a few flower photos but struggled to get decent photos of the houses.

There were several Austin 7s in the car park and this was one that caught my eye. A 1933 type 65 "EB" ?

And now a terrible confession...

When I woke up this morning I found this rather interesting article open on my phone, though I have no memory of how it got there. It is one of a string of articles recently querying the role of photo software offering instant filters. Normally I feel rather smug redaing them since normally I just use Lightroom for basic cropping, straightening and conversion to mono. It just so happens though that I've now got Snapseed on my PC, and I've used it for this shot, which otherwise was looking rather flat. I feel dirty.

My excuse is that when an Android version is out I'll be using it on the S3 - which I'm just beginning to experiment with.

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