Incense cones

Can't believe we are in May already, this year is flying by and we'll be going through some big changes before we know it.

Martin was not well enough to make it to church so stayed home and tried to recuperate before he flies out tomorrow.

I'm sure he is going to really benefit from having a few weeks off and being away, alone, is a great start, even though I'm going to miss him terribly. It's also his birthday when he's away... So he'd better be well looked after by our friends ;-)

A year ago today, we were celebrating his 50th in Kota Kinabalu, and I dislocated my kneecap on May 1st! It was such a bummer but I managed to have a great time away despite being in a wheelchair.

This pic is of Chinese incense cones which are burned into a few temples in town. I just happened to spot them and took the mandatory pic. I think they look pretty.

PS. Oh and Ben starts his IB exams tomorrow.

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