Andrew Bird at the Queen's Hall

I spent this evening with Jack and his friend Richard at the Queen's Hall, where we saw Andrew Bird in concert .

I've wanted to see Bird perform live for a long time: it was well worth the wait. I love the way that he uses his violin like a guitar, and mixes whistling with voice (see, for example, this video of A nervous tic motion).  If you'd like to catch him in concert too, he's in Manchester tonight and London tomorrow, then continuing his tour in Europe and the US.

(By the way, Jack's looking better after his cycling accident, although his face is still bruised and he says his back is very sore.)

Earlier in the day Mr hazelh and I took our friend Katherina (the Russian Party Princess) out for lunch before driving back to Edinburgh with the tandem secured to the roof of the car. Our route took in some of the ground that we covered yesterday. We felt quite proud (and smug) that we had managed all those hills.

Exercise today: some walking (to the concert in the hail!): 7,412 steps.

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