Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

I'll never find a cup to match...

Another sunny day!
Didn't go for a run so as to get out early.
Didn't get out early.
Went to Les Puces - the flea market at Clignacourt. I gather that it is usually rammed at weekends but it was quiet today. Made for a good few hours. The vinyl was trop chere pour mois. I should have got C to haggle for me. She managed to negotiate some good deals for herself?

Loads of vintage clothes, antiques, retro stuff and, of course, pure junk.

I saw my record deck on sale at 400 euros! About twice the going rate!

C's brother had been due to meet us in the evening but his line wasn't running after some protesters had thrown things at the trains. The aftermath of some 1st May demonstrations?

H was still under the weather when she returned from work so we nipped out for a Thai takeaway rather than eat out. The road by Pyrenees had been closed by another demo. It looked like a cross between a protest and a party. Very Parisian.

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