The Mighty Kaiapoi River......

.....looking full during king tide today, 2.5m saw it swelling at the sides. While the river swells clouds look wind blown above, it was warm, so warm, 23C and ever so calm on land at this point. It was not long after autumn leaves floated to the ground with a gentle flutter, and then whoosh!, the impact of those clouds could be felt.

The Kaiapoi River was used for carting logs and wool back in the 1890s and 1900s. There was a woollen mill further upstream which still stands, today it's mainly used for storage and odd shops.

The effect of the earthquakes severely damaged this area and beyond. At least 1,000 homes were located in the 'red zone' and have been demolished. Some businesses, roading and the stopbanks were also damaged, Kaiapoi is slowly recovering as the river continues to flow.

I quite like the effect of mono, dramatic with the clouds. The willows are just starting to change but were in shadow and the river was a lovely milky green, it's not every day you see clouds like these.

Thanks to Bobsblips for kindly hosting Wide Angle Wednesday. My zoom was on lock so I wouldn't be tempted to use it, sometimes I just zoom without thinking.

Another lovely day with my mum, visiting R, grocery shopping and chatting over a cuppa at lunch. Today Daughter E joined us for lunch :) Mum didn't blip today, she's a little tired and R has had a couple of 'ups and downs'.

A quiet Wednesday for us :)

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