Blue skies

What a beautiful day it's been and I spent a lot of it in our lovely town of Shrewsbury - at the hairdressers in the morning, a little bit of shopping, catch up with old work friends and then a sit in the  peaceful Churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin.  .

The spire of St Mary’s is one of the tallest in England and for over 500 years it has dominated the skyline of Shrewsbury's old town. In 1739, showman Robert Cadman attempted to slide from it, head first, using a rope and a grooved breastplate. His engraved obituary stands outside the west door. The church is now the only complete Medieval church in Shrewsbury. It dates from Saxon times and has beautiful additions from the 12th-century onwards. Inside, the atmosphere is peaceful with the soaring stone arches giving way to the church's great treasure - its stained glass.

On my arrival home two of Mr. T's grandchildren graced us with their presence before returning to Uni in a few days time, so little has got done this evening!

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