Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Eye Contact

I made a quick visit to the Osprey nest today.  Dad was sitting on his perch across the pond from the nest and again let me get very close to him.  I was standing at the bottom of the pole looking up at him and talking to him and he looked right at me and gave me this sweet display of his wing.  My pet birds always did this when I approached them and I took it to mean that they were happy to see me.  I hope it means the same with wild birds! 

There are 4 eggs in the nest and Mom & Dad have been taking turns with the brooding duties.  She does most of it but when Dad brings her a fish, she flies off with it to eat it and he takes over.  If you want to get a look into the nest, here's a link to the live camera.

I'm going to "Game Night" at my sister's tonight so I will catch up with everyone tomorrow.  All of your comments, stars and hearts while I'm not commenting very much are really appreciated!

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