By ciorstain


What can I say - another work-spoilt holiday :(
It really starts getting me ..... :( 
One emergency case to act on and then dealing with the bad news from Monday .....
I could get off the phone and laptop at 3pm and we could finally get out.
We had planned a trip to Ikea, because we needed some more bedding for the flat. 
We took the bikes and cycled across the old Tempelhof Airport, which has become a recreation area for the Berlin population. 
It is huge and there is loads offered, such as kite area, kite surfing, BBQ area, dog run area and loads more.
After we returned, I had to go back to work for an hour before we could do the shopping for the holiday tomorrow.
We did not go out as planned tonight, as I was too shattered.and my last phone call only ended at 11 pm! 
My wonderful Neil gave me a lovely massage to relax me after that messed up day! 
He is so good to me, I am really spoilt with him .... 

Tomorrow we were planning a picnic. Maybe even at Tempelhof, or somewhere alongside the river.
Let's see if work will give me some peace, I really need it ...... 
In the photo and extra, you can see the old Tempelhof airport buildings and terminal.

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