How a Young Seal Surprised us @ the Zandmotor

Of course we went to the seaside. It was such a brillant sunny day. We knew in advance that lots of other people would have had the same idea. But the experienced beach guest can tell you where the crowding concentrates. And how to find the way out into silence and loneliness. And that is cross through the waters of the Peninsula. Follow the surf to the south. And just walk on until there is nobody around you anymore. Stretch yourself down in the sand. Close your eyes in the warming sunlight. Listen to the murmuring, feel the wind.

Thats it. Nothing more. Nothing else. Pure delight. Notice well the rising tide. Before it wets you. Now it looks as if we are repeating here yesterdays procedure. But now comes the difference. When you stand back on your feet, see what this unique day presents to you. This real surprise: There is a head moving in the flat blue water. What, a swimmer. The fool must be risking his life. No, it turns out to be a seal. A young, curious and playful seal. Swimming and diving along the coastline. As if looking for a landing place, in search for a friend perhaps. Or, as I said, by sheer curiosity. Popping up and looking to us.

Such a miracle. It must have been more than a year ago, we saw one. It has filled us with joy and happiness.

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