Junior was a polling agent for the election on Thursday - meaning he is entitled to go into voting stations and check what's going on, inspect the ballot boxes at the 7am start (to make sure they're empty), to seal them when voting has finished (10pm) and to be at the count to make sure those boxes arrive still sealed.

He got home about 3.30am on Friday after his 20 hour adventure, and for once I didn't mind him abandoning his "official" outfit in the living room.

I was almost as tired as him on Friday, having been up between 3am and 4.30am to check how the results were looking.

I managed an hour or so at the post election party in the evening. Happily it was a victory party. David and his team turned a winning margin of 180 votes in 2011 into over 7,000 this time.

That short time at the party produced a couple of interesting bits of information.

First, a cameraman at one of the TV news organisations in Scotland (just finished work for the day) telling us no-one there was interested in any story other than a Tory one.    

Second, people wishing they'd had the time and energy during the day to think of inviting the local Greens to the party... not with any kind of ulterior motive, but just because "we like them".    

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