A walk in the park

I took Mum out for a walk, she insisted on having her coat and blanket although it was very hot, we took them off when we got to the Water Gardens but she got cold so they went back on...
Her speech was very bad today but she did manage to tell me that she is getting worse which of course I can see for myself, she says she's not in pain but she can do less and less. Her neck is very stiff and her head hangs down and it's really hard for her to look up, her right side is very weak and she slumps horribly in the chair.
I hope she enjoyed the trip to the park anyway, I asked her how she was feeling after the funeral and she said she was ok, I think she looks very tired though.

Other than that I had a long Skype with my lovely friend Rachael in Perth planning lots of exciting events for our families over the summer.
Also caught up on email etc....

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