By Tommy0161

Lost monkey....

The ‘right on’, cool, hipster suburb of Chorlton in Manchester likes to pride itself on its green credentials. Each of the affluent citizens of this sought after suburb will probably have the carbon footprint of a large third world town but that doesn’t stop them. I once saw a couple loading their organic vegetables from the Unicorn Worker’s Co-Operative supermarket into their top of the range BMW Convertible without any sense of irony. But that doesn’t stop them from trying to be environmentally friendly. It’s illegal, for health and safety reasons, to sell an old electrical appliance in the UK. A way round it is to give it away. I spotted this old microwave oven outside a house near Chorlton Green. Obviously a new model had been bought and they needed to off load the old one. So there it was with this intriguing note waiting for some less fortunate person from Firswood or Old Trafford to come and take it away. What concerned me was what had happened to the monkey? It wasn’t there. I was really annoyed to have missed this chance of picking one up.

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