If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


Day 7 of our Solace trip.  The "Shroppie" seems to be blessed with more Kingfishers than the Staffs & Worcs.  Since we came on to the "Shroppie" we have seen a few of the bright electric blue flashes as one zoomed off along the canal.  Generally they do this a time or two and then decide they need to be back in their own territory and disappear in a wide loop to get back behind the boat.

Occasionally just occasionally one stays perched until you get a bit closer, but are generally masked by twigs and branches.  Even more rarely one will sit until you get nearer than usual and be in a position where a decent shot might be possible.

The next problem is that you are on a moving boat and generally have the vibrations from a large diesel engine coming up through your shoes making life even more difficult.  As a result I am really quite pleased with this shot.

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