Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Tin Tin and the Giant Dandelion Forest

Tin Tin had another adventure for Tiny Tuesday.  Snowy had lost a bone in the Giant Dandelion Forest and there were all sorts of goings on trying to retrieve it.  Not to mention being doused by water from the pond (courtesy of the Princess).  It's been blowing a hoolie all day today so a chance of catching anything in a macro has been a challenge to say the least. 

I can't believe a lot of you didn't believe those three I posted yesterday could be so naughty.  And yes, I suspect I will need to wait a while before asking my brother to mind them again.   I think he has no patience for a puppy, they are constantly challenging in my opinion and really do test your patience.  Anyhoo, off to an AGM for the therapy dogs.  Catch you when I get back and looking forward to viewing the entries for Tiny Tuesday.  Results up on Friday.

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