The second half of life..

By twigs

Summer fun???

The kite surfers were out in force today and looked so bright and cheerful skimming their ways across the water. It was a bright, sunny day and there was a deep haze all around which helped accentuate the colours of the kites to help create a real summery feel.

On the not-so-good side, another domestic break down. First, it was my fridge in April then, as the year progressed, my microwave died then my stereo quit playing CDs and today, my TV has given up the ghost :( As it was an old style TV I suspect it will be uneconomical to fix hence I shall need to go shopping. Darn! It's amazing how these things have conspired to break down or quit working in the very year I've chosen to pull the belt in tight and not work. What IS the universe trying to tell me....???

(There was also the toilet cistern which wouldn't stop at the end of a flush, the car damage after I reversed into the trailer and, more recently, the flooded garage. These don't really count in my books though as 2 events were due to expected wear, tear and ageing and one event was my own stupidity!)

I'll just have to tighten the belt another notch I guess.

Ooh - and I just booked my ferry crossing to the North Island this morning so I am now definitely heading north over Christmas.

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