Sunset through the clouds

A chill wind from the north-east was blasting across the business park at lunchtime so, despite the blue sky and sunshine, I was glad of my jacket on venturing out of the office to stretch my legs for half an hour!

Had lots of things in mind for this evening but achieved none of them! Hey ho! MrM had given a banjo lesson this afternoon, and then sold a mandolin. And he was very keen to celebrate with a fish & chip supper at the seaside! So he drove us to Beadnell, only to discover that the fish & chip shop there only opens on two evenings week, and this isn't one of them. On to Seahouses where we enjoyed some very nice haddock, chips and peas (without the chips for me!).

Then had a very bracing pleasant walk on the beach, which Louie - as always - enjoyed. The Blip (looking across the Milfield Plain) was taken on the way home, as the setting sun broke through a heavy layer of cloud.

Watched an old episode of Lewis accompanied by a couple of glasses of retsina from the bottle that's been lurking in the cupboard since before Christmas. Never had it before and not entirely sure that I like it. Reminds me of my first encounter with olives, many years ago - had to keep on trying them to work out whether or not I liked them. Turned out to be love! Have a feeling that with retsina it may be just the opposite...

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