Susie and Adam

What a brilliant day. We are here in the Isle of Wight for the wedding of my (Annie's) best friend from school, Susie, and her lovely (now) husband Adam. It's been a brilliant day.

I've known Susie since she and I were 10, which is (ahem) over 30 years ago. We met while in different school netball teams against each other, and instead of marking each other we mainly stood and chatted. Both of us believe that our team won that day and it's been an argument ever since - but just for today, as it's a special day Susie, let's say your team won.* She's been my best friend since then - always there when needed, and always caring about others before herself. I'm so pleased that in Adam she's found someone that can give a lot of that caring back to her.

After breakfast we helped decorate the marquee, which looked beautiful (given Susie's gift for art, that's not too surprising). Then a quick trip to the seafront for lunch before getting back and getting glammed up for the big event.

I was so proud of Chris today. He was asked to be the wedding photographer and he did a brilliant job - no one could have put more care and thought into it. I did what I'm pretty good at - bossing people loudly into the right places in the pictures...

We finished the night off with a great mini-festival - brilliant music to dance to, with an indie / grunge / rock slant to most of it. What's not to like about yelling along to "I Predict a Riot" and "Mr Brightside".

Rest now... Congratulations S & A - you're both brilliant.

* They didn't, you know - we did. Honest.

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