By Viewpoint

The Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

Seems to be one long round of gallery visits and exhibitions at the moment!  I thought that this was the last week of the Cupola Exhibition, `Art is a lie that reveals the truth', though it turns out that there is one more week.  I wanted to visit as I have a print in the exhibition (behind Ann's shoulder) and it was good to see a fairly electric and disparate group of paintings, prints and photographs gathered together under this title.  I think my biggest disappointment was that they hadn't included the `artists statements' with each one as I think these would have told some interesting stories.  It was possible to see where some of the artists were coming from, but not easy with the abstracts.  
I also had a message, via Facebook, asking when I could take my Art House Cafe exhibition down.  Once that's done I think I can breath a bit more easily, enjoy the garden, some days away and give myself time to think and develop some new print ideas.

We stopped in Greno Woods on the way home for a short walk, enjoying the dappled sunlight through the trees and the patches of bluebells.  (See extras).

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