On the day I had my first meeting with EQC to start to address my substandard repair, a substation down the road from their building seemed like a good blip.

Somehow I managed to completely miss the "Electric Fence" sign, and in my quest for an angle, yes, I touched the fence. It threw my arm back and gave my heart a fair old whack. My hand and arm tingled for ages. I've checked my hair and it doesn't seem to be burned ;-)

I was on my bike to get from work to EQC when I had my first on-road puncture on my mountain bike. Bugger. I could hear the air hissing out and within 100m the bike was unridable.

I didn't have enough time to change the tube, and with about 1km to go, I dropped my bike off at the bike shop at Tower Junction and ran the rest of the way in my bike shoes. Not easy.

Then I went to the wrong EQC building. Only they would have 2 buildings within a couple of hundred metres. They seemed quite used to the wrong building scenario, which begs the question why they don't have a sign on their door. But that's the least of my questions for EQC.

The meeting was ok. My support person was good and the EQC woman was ok at pretending to care at taking notes and explaining her role as a case manager. The next step is a new assessment of my home to look at the sub-standard repair and the things left off my scope of works.

I won't digress into the scandal that is EQC. Thankfully I don't have an insurance company to fight as well.

All that aside, it was a good day. I'm progressing well in our latest sprint of work and wrestling the software into submission and figured out some cool stuff today. Then the blokes in the bike shop kindly took my bike and said they'd sort it, so I could get to my meeting and get home before it was dark afterwards. Nice.

Time for some telly and a beer.

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