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By Sheol

Defunct Superhub

Derelict Sunday: Defunct Superhub

The Virgin Media Superhub (broadband router) has today finally given up the ghost. I'm guessing that the recent power supply issue was not its only problem.

I've had the usual chat with the help desk. To be fair they are only doing their job and trying to ensure that we've not done something stupid (switched it off, forgotten to plug it in etc). Eventually after a near miss in reinventing Monty Python's parrot sketch we got there. (It's dead, deceased, bereft of life it's gone to meet the choir invisible etc)

I'm told by Virgin that they will send another one to us within 48 hours, so until then it's blipping by iPhone for me. Which gave me the chance to try out this fisheye shot with the ollaclip. The processing was with the Snapseed app.

Unfortunately we can't get 3G at home so I may struggle to keep up to date for a few days (again).

In other news the repairs to the waterfall seem to be working but we've had an interesting morning sorting out the flat battery in Cathy's car. It may be getting to the end of its life - we should find out over the next few days! What fun it is to live in such interesting times!

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