Glory days

Last day of High School for this year's Seniors. An annual bitter-sweet event, a portal to a new world that as a rite of passage is destined to become one of their 'glory days'.  (cue song)  It was a day full of memorable events, not unlike last year, but without the sunshine as quite suddenly, it was bitterly cold - not that this stopped them from having a memorable day.   The extra photo shows their prank in Marble Hall, turning the whole space into an impenetrable spider's web resulting in an art installation which I think should be exhibited in Istanbul Modern or the Tate Modern.  Loved it. Love them.  Gule gule *. 

*gule gule = translates as "farewell" - said to the one who is leaving, by the one who is staying. Means much more than 'goodbye'.     

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