'Can we go swimming please Mum ?'

After dropping David at the Uni we walked round to see how the swans were doing. They started to hatch last Thursday and David managed to get some footage of them on his phone on Friday, so cute.
They have grown a lot already but still extremely cute with their fluffy grey feathers and tiny wings.
Mum was a sleep when we first saw them. So we did want to disturb her so stood back watching until she woke up stretched and looked proudly at her cygnets. Took a few photos as she walked into the loch followed by all 8 of her little ones. Lots of baby mallards too almost running across the water.
We had breakfast in Simpsons Garden Centre and I bought three pots of daffodils and tulips for £2 each. So another hole in the garden filled.
A jam packed Brownies again making Worry Dolls and the girls were thrilled to see the photo of Kate64s little Worry dolls that she brought back from her holiday in Mexico :)
We also attempted to make some Yarn pictures on some cloth bags. It provided tricky for some of them and we needed abit more time but they did look good.
The girls found out some interesting facts too, Did you know that there is a Volcano rabbit that lives in the mountain of Mexico and is the second smallest rabbit in the world or that the Chihuahua dog is named after the State of Chihuahua in Mexico and is the smallest breed of dog and that there are 375 species reptile.

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