Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Slightly better manners today...

Well, in spite of the titmice photobombing several of my attempted shots of Madame this afternoon, at least there were no more repeats of yesterday's unfortunate lapse of manners.  In fact, this titmouse waited patiently for Madame to load up before taking a dive into the mealworm feeder.  

Had a nice long hike this morning in the woods ... forest bathing.  Saw lots of birds, and only two other people.  Lots of nesting activity going on in the woods and I saw several birds gathering and carrying nesting materials, including this female rose-breasted grosbeak.  Back home early afternoon to check in on things in the Bistro & Nursery.

Very happy to report that my sparrow "deterrents" seem to be working - chickadees and bluebirds are all in good health and parents are busy providing food.  And while Madame is willing to take mealies back to the kids, Monsieur prefers to hunt down his own prey, like this gnarly spider! (okay to look even for arachnaphobes).  Monsieur is an excellent provider.  

Did some more planting this afternoon and was happy to discover another teneral Ashy Clubtail dragon in my hostas.  Maybe the same one from a few days ago, or another that emerged at the same time - wings of gossamer and so incredibly delicate looking.  And hopefully adept at avoiding Monsieur...

Thanks for the comments, stars, etc on yesterday's blip - it was such a funny moment for me and I'm glad you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  



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