By TreeHugger

The Eco Store

I was on my way to the gardens to try for a wide angle shot today, but was distracted by this recently opened business in central Shepparton. Chickens, veggies and confidence building are at the heart of this enterprise.
This is a project of Shepparton Access, which provides support for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.
All produce sold here, from herbs, vegetables, chickens, chutneys and sauces, chicken coops, eggs, etc. are grown processed and produced by Access and their highly motivated clients.
Whilst I began taking pics a van pulled up and many of these young people started unloading produce for the store. Their Manager said, "This is not about money. It's about developing skills and confidence and finding pathways into the community." 
By then I had been hopelessly distracted from my original idea for a Blip and decided that the quality of the shot didn't matter so much as the ethos behind what I was witnessing.  It has made my day!  My extra includes the gradual buildup of the freshly grown herbs being put on display at the entrance to the store. 

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