The Jacket Spud Van

A while ago I ordered some new shoes for work, and today they finally arrived! I decided to go for a walk around town in them to get them bedded in. If they killed my feet best NOT to discover the fact one hour into a six hour shift! They are fine, fortunately, if not exactly the height of style!

The market in town is set for a refurb, and many of the stalls have moved to other premises, including the one that sells jacket potatoes and hot-dogs. They now trade from this smart looking Citroen van!

I also visited WH Smith's I wanted to look at a magazine on the top shelf (No, not that sort of magazine, they don't even sell that stuff any more!) and I couldn't reach it! I'm 5'6" so not that short. I don't know how they expect to sell stuff if people can't reach it! I found a little step-stool to stand on in the end!

As I type, Jae is at the dentist undergoing the second round of his dental treatment - more root canal work! I hope it's going OK for him. 

*He's back and it seems to have gone well, but he did come home without paying! He thought he paid for it all at once at the end!

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