The Fuschia's

are looking very bright and beautiful with this grey cold weather :)

I have not been able to warm up all day today, kept getting 'chills' and then going very hot, but not being just right.  I hope I'm not coming down with something and that it might just be the very cold air conditioning.  

Note to self to take more layers to wear at work tomorrow :)

Work, then shopping and home!  

On the way home there were fire engines coming in the opposite way down the A339 and when I got home I saw on Facebook that an empty bar was on fire.  See NewburyJames blip for more...

So glad its Friday tomorrow and looking forward to Saturday! 

Anyone near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire that is free on Saturday morning?  

I'm going to a friend's Church Building Opening in Chipping Norton in the afternoon...

Happy Thursday folks :)

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