a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Into the vortex

Abstract Thursday: Circles

I shall start by confessing that I don't think that this is really an abstract - if anything it's a surrealistic image.  I started off with good intentions and had some thoughts of spheres and rings, but then I had this idea, and I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't not then complete and use it.

I've taken a series of shots of cliff divers taken whilst in Dubrovnik last week. I've then used them as the source material for this composition, in Affinity Photo. The images have been slightly posterised to strengthen the effect.

As we are not on line at the moment (back in the virtual tomorrow we hope), I have taken a photo of the screen with my phone and then posted the photo :). I may swap the original image tomorrow, depending on how much moire there is in the iPhone shot (rather a lot I suspect),

I hope youoregon1 will forgive me this sideways venture into surrealism this once!

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