A couple of days well earned break

For Matthew and Anna, somewhere in Spain. Looks windy but I'm sure that won't bother them.

Sitting on a daily morning call to discuss resourcing. We are scurrying around like blue arsed flies trying to recruit people to do roles that have been left vacant by redundancies, the clients and our own people are screaming at us because work is falling behind and I'm sitting here thinking 'I know some people who can fill these jobs, oh hang on a minute, you've just made them redundant, so you'd better just suck it up',. You reap what you sow.

First ride on the new bike last night. I'm pleased to say that there was a noticeable difference so my money was not wasted. I didn't beat any personal bests but that's more down to me and not the bike - I need to shift about half a stone to get back to last years fighting weight.

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